Hawaiian Energy Healing
Hawaiian Energy Healing

What People Are Saying

     "After the Hawaiian treatment, I came home feeling so empowered and knowing that what I am doing, the path I am on, is right for me. It was very special to me!"  S.D.



     "Understanding that there are no limits to our energy fields, I received a "Hawaiian Healing Energy Session" from Susan Brecht. 

     During the time with her, I experienced a wide range of relaxing sensations, including warmth, inner peace and the soothing release of muscle tension.  I could feel the healing energy moving throughout my body, in different ways at different times, during the session. 

     One way to describe this is to say that there were moments when it felt like a massage from the inside. 

     And, I noticed that this sensation of healing energy seemed to continue for days afterwards, leaving me with a relaxed feeling of renewed peace and inner harmony.  

     My session with Susan was a Blessing on many levels."  F.F.



     "When I arrived at my appointment I was distraught, I could feel tightness in my  chest and my thoughts were racing. Susan worked her 'magic' on me. When the treatment was over the tightness was gone, I felt peaceful and relaxed.

     It has been a couple of days since my session and I am still feeling the positive effects. I highly recommend Hawaiian

Energy work from Susan." Thank you for my session. I would like to book another one next week."  A.L.



     "I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived.  But then I felt waves of energy pour through me and around me.  I released a lot of old emotional baggage and felt a very deep state of relaxation during the treatment.  This was exactly what I needed."  A.F.



     "Many thanks Susan for the  Hawaiian Energy treatment. After I left and well into the evening, I could feel my Heart chakra and Crown Chakra swirling with energy and gently opening more.

     This morning when I awoke, very early, I had a much clearer understanding of several issues that have been on my mind. I will certainly recommend your treatment to my friends and return for more. Thanks again."  L.H.


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Hawaiian Energy Healing as a health choice is something you need to consider.

I have a busy working life, with two jobs that are demanding, in addition to being a single mother of two children. I find that often I am the last item on my 'look after/to do' list.


I have been intrigued for quite some time about various healing modalities and options that people can access when their health is challenged. As an ordained minister, I find it helpful to know of techniques or people I can recommend.   ie. Palliative care, stress and relief for caregiver fatigue.


Susan Brecht is a gifted business woman of a salon and bookstore. Both very active enterprises. I discovered she was also a well gifted Hawaiian Energy Healer. I was soon to find out how very skilled as well. I was curious to experience an energy session for myself.


The Hawaiian Energy Session had an immediate, tangible effect on me. I was weary, stressed, and worried about you name it! Finances, taxes, cars, children, ageing parents, and I came out of my session with Susan refreshed, relaxed and rested.


Susan explains what she is going to do, and you as a client, only need to be open to a very pleasant healing.


After ensuring that I was comfortable in the softly lit room, she covered my torso with a light blanket. There are only two times during a healing HaBreath session that Susan gently touches your covered toes. At the beginning and at the end of the session.


I found Susan to be professional, knowledgeable and joyful.


I closed my eyes as she began our session. I listened as she incorporated breath-work with gently waving hand postures, I drifted off, became more and more deeply relaxed with each breath. I was so deeply relaxed that I woke myself up with a snore!!  This rarely happens to me, (the 'Duracell Energy Bunny').


All stresses and the busyness of my life fell away as I lay there enjoying the Hawaiian Energy Session (HES). My mind was clear and quiet, my body felt languid but comfortingly, warmly and wholly alive at the same time.


When I made the appointment with Susan, I had been suffering from a nagging lower back ache for at least three weeks. I mentioned to Susan how it even had awakened me in the night and how annoying it was. Several days after my session, Susan surprised me by asking how my back was. It was then that I realized that it had not bothered me since my session with her.


After a good chuckle, I told Susan that it would be difficult to get a Hawaiian Energy Session out of her once word got out about her skills and prowess as a HES Practitioner.


I had positive results immediately and they were lasting.


Even if a HES session is used only to step out of the busyness of life like I did, the results are wonderfully positive.


I am a believer that HES is an excellent, authentic healing modality practised with skill, joy and love by Susan.


Take the time to care about yourself. Have a HaBreath session. You won't be disappointed.


Much love and blessings,

Reverend Gloria Potter


What People Are Saying About

'Hawaiian Energy Sessions'

with Susan Brecht


“It was the most relaxing experience I have had in a very long time.” C.B.


“Very quickly I was transported to a serene place. My mind was calming.”  T.Q.


“I had a much clearer understanding of several issues that have been on my mind.”  L.H.


“I could actually feel energy moving through me as you worked, and I was left with a profound feeling of inner peace." S.R.


“This sensation of healing energy seemed to continue for days afterwards, leaving me with a relaxed feeling of renewed peace and inner harmony.”  F.F.


“I released a lot of old emotional baggage.”  A.F.


 “I felt my body re-align itself. There was also a clearing process that was happening.”T.Q.


“I slept better than usual. It was amazing. It was as if I had removed a block and things were flowing. I feel unstuck.” O.J.


“When the treatment was over, the tightness was gone. I felt peaceful and relaxed.” A.L


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