Hawaiian Energy Healing
Hawaiian Energy Healing

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Distance Energy Session

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

8:00 to 8:45 pm


Susan will be sending out

Love ~ Healing ~ Comfort ~ Joy

to Everyone who has "Liked" the 

Aloha Healing with Susan Lisa

Facebook Page.

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Tuesday, March 5 

7:30 TO 8:15 PM

In the comfort of your own home.

Please join me again while I share this loving energy.


All you really have to do is make sure that you have "LIKED" the 

AlohaHealing.ca Facebook page.  Yes, that's it!!

My goal is to reach as many people as I can in the world with these free sessions.

Right now I reach around 15 different countries I'd love to reach 300 ! 

Please let people know about my free sessions.




Saturday, March 2
1st Annual Mystic Market and Holistic Fair

10 am to 6 pm
 at Rideau Acres Campground
1014 Cunningham Road. Kingston, ON
K7L 4V3 
Check out this ad on Facebook for lots of  great information.


Susan Lisa from AlohaHealing.ca 

would love to see you and will be there

giving Hawaiian Energy Sessions for $40

includes a $10.00 Discount

Towards Any Hawaiian Energy Infused Bracelet Purchase. 





The next

FREE Distance Hawaiian Energy Session is
Monday, February 4
7:30 pm to 8:15 pm
In the comfort of your own home.

Relax and sit in a quiet place. Be receptive to this loving healing energy.

Make sure you have LIKED the 'AlohaHealing.ca with Susan Lisa' page to receive this powerful loving energy.
Please share this event with your family and friends.
Mahalo, Susan

Frequently asked questions.

Q. Do I go to the Sapphire Room Meeting place?
A. No, you sit in a nice quiet place that you won't be disturbed in. One person sat in her car away from the family and her fur babies.

Q. What else should I do?
A. Open your palms and say out loud, "I AM open to receiving this loving energy that Susan is sending me.

Q. What if I’m at another event or playing sports?
A. The energies are still being sent to you and you get the benefits if you’ve liked the page but you probably won’t feel a thing.
(At least I don’t think you would, lol.)

Q. Don't you get tired and exhausted sending out this energy?
A. No, The energy is being sent through me to you. I am the conduit for this loving energy.

Q. How far have you sent out this energy?
A. I have been told by persons in B.C. that they felt it, overseas to France, Germany and different places in the U.S.A.

My Lovelies, If you have any more questions, just ask and I will do my best to answer them.
Tuesday,January 8th, 2019
7:30 to 8:15 pm
This month’s FREE Distance Hawaiian Energy Session starts off with an Earth World Healing and then
goes into a Personal Session.

Join me in sending out love to our planet, for about the first 10 minutes of this distance energy session and then please,

just think of what you want to release during the rest of the session to help heal your self. 
Be willing to receive these loving healing energies being sent to you.
Relax and let the energies flow to you. Preferably in a quiet room with no distractions. 

But if you can't do that ... just know that Susan is sending out loving energy to you wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Remember that I send out the Hawaiian Healing Energies to the people who have "LIKED" the ''AlohaHealing.ca with Susan Lisa'' Face Book page.






FREE Distance Energy Session

Thursday, October 25

8:30 to 9:00 pm


Susan will be sending out

Loving, Healing, Energy

to Everyone who has "Liked" the 

Aloha Healing with Susan Brecht

Facebook Page.

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Vibrational Gong Meditation & Hawaiian Energy Healing Session 
At The Purple Door Books & Gifts, Mallorytown

Wednesday, August 15, ~ 7 to 9 pm. Cost $35.00 

Helen Brown and Susan Lisa Brecht will be at
The Purple Door Books & Gifts, rain or shine!
Helen plays her Gong with Inspiration and Intuition. You will feel the incredible Healing Vibration going through you.  It's really something if you haven't experienced this before.  Then Susan Lisa from Aloha Healing will follow up with a Hawaiian Energy Session with Healing Symbols and Intuition.  If you haven't experienced this, it too, is pretty darn amazing too!  

Call Linda to reserve your spot 613-923-5320.

The Gong is one of the oldest instruments of healing and has been used for thousands of years in meditation. The Gong covers the full spectrum of sound. The sounds from the Gong travel from the outer ear throughout the body via the vagus nerve, impacting brain waves, respiratory and heart rate.
Benefits; Sound and vibration help facilitate a deep sense of peace, release tension, and remove blocked energy. The Gong works at a cellular level to rebalance the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Sound can be very nurturing to the body, mind and soul. The gong offers tremendous potential for healing and rejuvenation.
What to Expect; The client lies or sits comfortably Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes As gongs are sounded the powerful rhythmic vibrations resonate throughout the body. These vibrations stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves associated to peaceful and healing states. The gong’s energy effects the body’s meridians. When the session is completed clients report feeling great.

What are Hawaiian Energy Sessions?

Hawaiian Energy Sessions are part of the Ancient Hawaiian Science of Healing and Spiritual Development.  A Session / Treatment is based on this ancient science and was passed down from the Hawaiian Kahuna (Shamans/Priests).
It is a simple, safe, effective way of transmitting energy from Source.
Susan uses symbols that are drawn in the air, then the energy is channelled into the body's main energy centers with hand movements and the “HA Breath.”
Susan also uses her intuition to give clients what they need.This energy then stimulates the body’s natural healing process.

Call Linda at The Purple Door to reserve your spot 613-923-5320 in her wonderful unique space. 





Thursday, June 14 - Tea with Susan Lisa
7 - 9 pm ~ By cash donation for the Food Bank.
Join Susan for a cup of tea with like minded brothers and sisters.  

An evening of conversation on whatever comes up! 

We'll start off with a mini Hawaiian Energy Session.
Please call The Sapphire Room to let Susan know you are attending.

You can leave a message at 613-548-7217



Wednesday, May 16th
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Angels and Energy
Hosts: Sheryl Pedersen and Susan Brecht

Susan will start off the evening with an Energy Session
Sheryl will follow up with Messages from the Angels

Energy Healing Session
Join us in a group Hawaiian Energy Session
Using breath work, meditation and symbols!
 Be Relaxed, Have a better sleep, Release muscle tension, Release negativity.
After a break

Messages from the Angels
Sheryl will give each person a personal 
channelled message, followed by a message for the group.
Sheryl can tune into spirit guides and angels to get a personalized message for you.
$30 per person
Reserve your spot!
613-548-7217 The Sapphire Room
376 Barrie St., Kingston, ON

*FREE* Distance Energy Session 

 Wednesday, January 17th ~ 8:00 to 9 pm. 
 will be sending out loving, relaxing, healing energy at that time. 

If you are interested in 'FREE  Energy Healing', please write me at alohahealing@live.com

Just put  'YES'  in the subject line and I will add you to the list. 
Easy peasy!


Please sit down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, in a comfortable position and open your palms and say,
"I Am willing to receive this wonderful energy that is being sent to me."
You will feel the energies surrounding you!



Hawaiian Energy Session

  Thursday, December 14,   7 - 9 pm

  at The Sapphire Room, 376 Barrie Street Kingston, On.

Would you like to feel less stressed? have more energy? feel calm? less worried?

or just have a new experience? 

Join Susan on a Healing Hawaiian Meditation. 

Once you close your eyes, Susan's breath-work will take you to Hawaii

during this evening of relaxation. 

Tea and treats will be served after the session.

Aloha,   Do you need an evening to yourself before Christmas?

Call to reserve your space. 613-548-7217. Invest in you for $20.00 

You can also contact me Susan Brecht at alohahealing@live.com

I will be donating all $$$$$ from the Thursday night

Hawaiian Energy Session to

the Kingston Food Bank. 

Please help Kingston's less fortunate and help to give more money to the Kingston Partners in Mission Food Bank by helping yourself to a relaxing evening.

Please share this information. 

Mahalo, Susan




Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference

Join us November 17 to 19, 2017
in Kingston Ontario


This weekend is a chance to emerge yourself in a spiritual journey using art, nature, community, ancestoral stories, charm casting, the seasons with Tarot and Lenormand cards as guides. No knowledge of any of these things is necessary. You will feel the amazing energy that happens when a group of people come together to learn, laugh and be with like minded people. Join us for a heart based soul tending weekend in Kingston Ontario Canada with world renowned teachers Carrie Paris and Joanna Powell Colbert. For all the details visit ~ http://www.kingstonpsychic.net/
Susan will be at this event giving Hawaiian Energy Treatment before lunch each day.  
It's included in your ticket price!!
And of course you will be able to see and feel the hand made and love filled energy infused jewelry too.

Aloha Healing with Susan Lisa Brecht
Wednesday, October 25, 7 to 9 pm
$20 for this Group Hawaiian  Energy Session

Held at The Sapphire Room, Kingston, ON 

Please call to reserve your spot 613-548-7217.

Join Susan as she gives this powerful healing session in a group setting.
Susan uses symbols that are drawn in the air, then the energy is channelled into the body's main energy centers with hand movements and the “HA Breath.”
Susan also uses her intuition to give clients what they need.

This energy then stimulates the body’s natural healing process.
Stay for a bit and have some tea and treats to ground you before you leave.
Please call 613-548-7217 to reserve your spot.



Celebrating Wellness

A Mind, Body, Spirit Fair

Saturday, October 14th 
10 am to 4 pm

Brockville Country Club
1548 Hwy 2 W, Brockville, Ontario K6V 5T3

Gift draws & Silent Auction 
Come and see what your community has to offer in the way of:
Natural Health Products & Services!
Yoga, Crystals, Metaphysical Books & Gifts!
Spiritual Guidance, Energy Healing, and So Much More!

Check out  https://www.facebook.com/events/197503387429766/  for more information.

Aloha Healing with Susan Lisa Brecht will be at this event  

with her hand made Jewelry that is infused with the Hawaiian Energy Treatments

and promoting these loving energy treatments.

Come and visit me for a special healing gift !

Wednesday, April 26th 
6:30 to 7:30 pm.

Hawaiian Energy Session 

is bit of a last minute idea for this week.
Susan Brecht of AlohaHealing.ca is inviting you this Wednesday night, April 26th, 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

for an energy session in person at The Sapphire Room.

Many people are interested in the techniques used in these sessions and asked if I would share.

Well YES, I will ! 
Join me for these energies being channelled from Source. Be prepared for the Hawaiian Energies

to come in and help you find healing in your heart on the eve of the new moon. 
Call to reserve your spot. 613-548-7217
Cash Donations will be taken. Please pay what you can afford. 

The Sapphire Room, 376 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON 

Aloha Healing Jewellery will also be available for purchase.
This natural stone jewellery is infused with the power of healing energy ... It's not just pretty!



Thursday, February 23, 2017


Hawaiian Energy Session Special
$45 for a 45 minute session 
One day only at The Sapphire Room

376 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON  
1 to 7 pm

Leave with a feeling of love in your heart, peace and inner harmony.
Call to reserve your time 613-548-7217.

I offer this gift of healing to you, from my highest heart to yours,

offered in a spirit of connection, wholeness, and divine, unconditional love.
Where you lack faith, I send you the energy of trust.
Where you have doubt, I send you the energy of confidence.
Where you have chaos and discord, I send you the energy of peace.
Where you are lost, I send you light to guide you on your path.
Where you are sad and unhappy, I send you the energy of joy.
Where you are confused, I send you the energy of clarity.
Where you feel unworthy, I acknowledge your value and worthiness.
Where you are wounded and afraid, I send you the healing power of divine grace.
Where you feel alone, isolated, and rejected, I send you the energy of connection.
Where you lack self love, the knowledge of love and the ability to give and receive love, I surround you with the divine truth of unconditional love.
Greatest Thanks to Jennifer Hoffman for this prayer. 

Energy Sessions can help you 
-  increase energy levels
-  facilitate emotional clearing
-  clear past limitations
-  promote deep relaxation 

Call to reserve your time. 613-548-7217


Leave with a feeling of love in your heart, peace and inner harmony.







Angels & Energy

   Thursday, December 8th ~ Sessions at The Sapphire Room ~ 1 - 7 pm

376 Barrie St., Kingston, ON 613-548-7217
Sheryl & Susan are combining their Loving Gifts to share some time with you.
Sheryl Pedersen will give you an Angel Card Reading and Susan Brecht will give you a Hawaiian Energy Session.

Sheryl with her intuititive gifts will give you a Personal Angel Card Reading to help you find peace and love in your heart and hear the messages your Angels want you to know.
Susan will give you a Private Love Filled Healing Session, complimenting the messages of the Angels. 
Christmas Special ~ ONLY $40 ~ A One Time Offer.
(Regular value of $80)
Call to reserve your time with Sheryl and Susan 613-548-7217.

You will need an hour or more to be with both these loving women and receive these personal messages and healing energies.





Thursday, December 15 

7 to 9 PM

at The Sapphire Room

376 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON ~ 613-548-7217


This is a Group Session of Loving & Healing Energy

Cost is $20 

Given at The Sapphire Room, 376 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON
~ Inner Peace and Love ~
Sit, relax and enjoy what some clients have
called a healing massage from the inside out.


Tea & Treats will be served.

Space is limited, please call to reserve your chair 613-548-7217.




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